On the 25th April 2015, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck the country of Nepal. Nearly 9000 people lost their lives, 22,000 were injured, seven million people were left without homes and dozens of ancient and holy buildings were reduced to dust. 2 years down the line, and nothing major seems to have changed. Families still mourn for their loved ones. Nearly 70% of those affected continue to brave monsoons in shelters made from zinc sheets and tarpaulin. And buildings are yet to be reconstructed, with piles of bricks scattered across the roads in Kathmandu serving as a constant reminder of the pressing need for change.

So why, after 2 years, has nothing happened? Billions of dollars in aid has been sent from various countries and donors around the world, and yet only a shocking 12% of that has been dispersed. Sluggish administrative procedures, the absence of local governments, and poor communication between the nation’s leaders and international donors has meant that progress has been slow, close to grinding to a halt. Barely 5% of destroyed homes have been rebuilt, and Durbar Square, one of the most spiritual sites in Nepal, has been a dusty construction site for the past 2 years.

Travelling through Nepal paints the picture of a tragic juxtaposition, between the peaceful and all-loving souls of those who live there, and the chaos and destruction surrounding them. From the outside, it is assumed that Nepal is a place of towering mountainous beauty and wonder. But it is important to look beyond the heights of the Himalayas and realise that much suffering is still going on in the background, and it is our job to help to stop that.

Chance For NepaL

“Our wings are small

…but the ripples of our heart are infinite”

In contrast to the cumbersome progress of the national government, and their unacceptable lack of transparency and communication, there are many charities working to have a positive impact on Nepalese society. Chance For Nepal works closely with established and trusted organisations, schools and hospitals in Nepal – to guarantee aid and support to those families in need and to offer education and training opportunities.

The funds generated by Chance For Nepal in the aftermath of the earthquake reached nearly $34,000, and have been directed at rebuilding homes and schools that were destroyed. At Pegasus English School in Kathmandu, a permanent earthquake-safe wing of two classrooms and a storage room were built.

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