Claudia Tique Briñes is one of the many victims of state crime in Colombia. He moved to Puerto Boyacá with his family, where they were forced to leave by paramilitary groups in 1957. He was only 14 years old.

Later in life, now married with two kids, he settled down in Mapiripán, a small town in the department of Meta. They built their home on a patch of land suitable for farming and livestock, where they lived happily for 14 years.

However, in July of 1997, something happened that none of the inhabitants could have imagined: The Mapiripán Massacre: “All I heard was the gunfire and screams of women and children. All I could think about was my wife and two kids”. His son, Benjamin Tique, has been missing since the slaughter.

He left Mapiripán with his wife and now only child, and headed to Bogotá. They were there for 6 months, until they were once again forced to leave their home, this time by paramilitary groups operating in the city. They moved to Charra, in the department of Guaviare.

In 2005, separated from his wife, Don Claudio returned to Bogotá to live in his current home, made from sheets of plastic, wood and cans. He sleeps on an unstable bed, without a light, without water, and located on a piece of land where recycling is dumped.

“Do you think it’s fair to live like this? I had my land with chickens and cows, and my own vegetables; and now I have nothing, I live like this…"

Marcha patriótica

Marcha Patriótica is a human rights organisation based in Colombia, that fights to make the voices heard of all those who have been repressed, exploited and abused by a political system and history that has left thousands of Colombian citizens without homes, jobs and livelihoods. It's a social movement that aims to create policy and political proposals in order to achieve constitutional changes that their country so badly needs. They are trying to open the door to the establishment of new forms of power and policy that will help change the lives of all those who have been cast aside by Colombian politics and political history.


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