Our fourth exhibition took place in September 2018 at House Of Vans. It was focussed on the fragile and often problematic relationship between humankind and our planet, in aid of Survival International.

Blue Dot Generation

Blue Dot Generation is a sustainability platform that promotes the use of the arts for education. By engaging local communities through exhibitions and workshops, music, documentaries, and conferences we aim to transform the relationship between people and the planet.

BDG brings together the creatives, scientists and entrepreneurs who are creating solutions to the problems the planet faces. Creativity is equally essential to science as it is to art. Artists and scientists have an appreciation for the beauty of the world and a shared interest in creating change.

By highlighting the beauty of the ocean we aim to educate both green and non-green audiences and to show people that this is not just an environmental issue, but a global one. BDG are excited to be collaborating with Faces In Focus in an exhibition that aims to highlight the importance of the ocean and earth working in harmony.

The oceans can easily exist without humans. If we became extinct, they wouldn’t even notice we’re gone. We, however, cannot exist without the ocean. They are a life support system, our lungs, climate regulator and a crucial part to our existence.


Survival International is the global movement for tribal peoples’ rights. It's the only organization that champions tribal peoples around the world. It helps them defend their lives, protect their lands and determine their own futures. Its work is preventing the annihilation of tribal peoples. It works in partnership with them. It gives them a platform to speak to the world. It investigates atrocities and presents evidence to the United Nations and other international forums. It supports legal representation. It fund medical and self-help projects. It educates, conducts research, campaigns, lobbies and protests.