Gordon and Graham first came to Forever Angels in 2010 at just four-days old. They were premature and sick babies – their Mother died in childbirth, and their father was unable to care for them. After a year here, the boys’ strength grew, and they were able to return home.

However, eight weeks later, they were readmitted to the Baby Home, suffering from severe malnutrition and neglect. While their stomachs were no longer equipped to hold down food, they had become timid boys, rejecting all forms of human contact.

The ‘Mamas’ at Forever Porjects restored their strength and they remained with us for the next three and a half years. At this point, Social Welfare declared that they had re-traced their aunt, forcing us to give the twins back. Five months later, Graham was found by one of our workers after he had run away, covered in scars and whip marks from being beaten. We did a home visit, where the neighbors confirmed our fears, and after a long battle with Social Welfare, the boys returned to the Baby Home for the third time.

Since we are not allowed to house children past the age of five, the boys were sent to a boarding school for the last year, whilst they wait for a new orphanage for older children to open in Mwanza. Without Forever Projects, Gordon and Graham would have gone through more trauma and abuse at the hands of their family. Graham always tells us that when he grows up he wants to be a teacher, a gymnast, and a volunteer at the Baby Home. Gordon says he’d like to play computer games on Saturday.

Gordon and Graham are fighters. Whether they were born that way, or whether they were forced into such a way of living is not clear.


Forever Projects Baby Home is an interim care home for orphaned and abandoned babies aged newborn to five in Mwanza, Tanzania. In its ten years of existence, they have cared for around 300 children, with the primary aim of providing love and care with eventual reintegration into their extended families, or adoption into new families. Approximately 50 children are under their care at any one time, whilst several outreach programmes are constantly working in the local community to help affected families. 


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