Casa Kolacho was named after one of our close friends, who was shot dead in 2009 by one of the gangs operating in the neighbourhood. It is our mission to turn this loss and negativity into hope and creation. It’s a space for creativity, a space to meet new people, to produce art. It promotes a lifestyle choice that is all about overcoming the negative aspects of life. The plane is symbol of the journey we have taken through hip-hop. Each founder of Casa Kolacho. It’s the journey from negativity to positivity, from loss to creation, and from despair to hope. Hip-hop gives us a way of dealing with all aspects of life, and turning something negative a voice of hope.

Casa kolacho

Casa Kolacho is an organization located in the Comuna 13 neighborhood of Medellin. It is a collective that informs people about the social and historical aspects of the barrio through hip-hop, graffiti, and breakdance. It aims to denounce negativity and violence through the use of art and by promoting aesthetic and musical creation.


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