This is the story of a man who has dedicated his life to learning. Through his hands he transmits the culture, traditions, and values of his soul.

Justino Carabalí is a marimbo player by profession. He is the pianist of the jungle, delicately caressing the wooden bars of the instrument to create a sound that mimics the flow of water.

He lives deep in the jungle in Santa María de Timbiquí, a tiny village in Cauca near the pacific coast of Colombia. His experiences have wisened him. He knows well what it is to be human. He recognises the pain and suffering of others. He understands the depths of meaning in people and forms. He is at one with nature, and transmits all this through his music.

Don Justino lives with his 12-year-old daughter Lucía and 34-year-old wife Maribel, in a three-storey house that rises from thestone floor of Santa María. It is covered in vines that decorate the front of the house in red flowers. Throughout the day and night, the ground floor of the house serves as a meeting place. Young, old, women and children all descend on Justino's home with the hope of listening to some of his wisdom.

However, the passing of time has brought complications to Justino's health. Several years ago he stopped practising the marimba, his weak knees preventing him from rising from his chair. So he decided to use his words to teach people about life instead.

"I decided to teach those who have learnt how to listen. This is the path... To learn to listen so as to learn how to achieve the right path. Mastering the art of learning and understanding is what allows us to master ourselves, and in turn benefiting the whole of humanity."

Don Justino has taken it upon himself to teach many generations life lessons which he inherited from his ancestors, traditions that took root thousands of years ago when life began.


Marcha Patriótica is a human rights organisation based in Colombia, that fights to make the voices heard of all those who have been repressed, exploited and abused by a political system and history that has left thousands of Colombian citizens without homes, jobs and livelihoods. It's a social movement that aims to create policy and political proposals in order to achieve constitutional changes that their country so badly needs. They are trying to open the door to the establishment of new forms of power and policy that will help change the lives of all those who have been cast aside by Colombian politics and political history.

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