When I was 12 years old, I would walk to school in the mornings. Each day, I would meet two of my friends who would wait for me a few blocks down the road. But one morning, I got to where I normally meet them, and they were lying dead in the road. To go through these things as a child is very traumatic. But what defines us is how we deal with this trauma. The violence that occurs in the Comuna 13 is a sad part of life. But it taught me that everything that is violent and sad can be turned into something positive and hopeful. This is what we try to achieve at Casa Kolacho. We all had to live through ugly and negative things here. This forms emotions in people. Sometimes rage, sometimes anger. Sometimes bravery. It made me a stronger person. It made me motivated to change the image of this neighbourhood, to create a community united against violence. Everything you do in life, you have to do it for and with love. Love is the infinite force in our lives. And the work we do at Casa Kolacho is a way of spreading this love. We want everyone to overcome their darkness, and to lead multi-coloured lives.

Casa kolacho

Casa Kolacho is an organization located in the Comuna 13 neighborhood of Medellin. It is a collective that informs people about the social and historical aspects of the barrio through hip-hop, graffiti, and breakdance. It aims to denounce negativity and violence through the use of art and by promoting aesthetic and musical creation. At the start of May they will begin working with the Escuela Eduardo Santos, a school in the Comuna 13. They plan to introduce a 2 month course teaching the kids how to make music, how to use graffiti, and how to breakdance. Their hope is that the course will foster a sense of creation and imagination in the kids. And that they can use it to transform the negative aspects of their life into something positive.


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