The nature of working in construction is very temperamental. One day you have work, the next day you don’t.

I have been working on this project for 1 year, and last week I received my first ever promotion! I’m now a supervisor at the construction site. This has really helped me provide for my family. A few years ago, I couldn’t afford to buy enough food and clothing to give my family a good life. But when I was promoted, I bought tickets for us all to go to Cordoba to visit my family for Semana Santa. We spent the week celebrating. I can now afford to spend money on those little things that make my family feel happy. Every 15 days, my wife, my son and I go out to a restaurant for dinner. It makes me feel happy and proud that I am now able to do these things for them. Sometimes, when I have a free day, we go to the park. We bring food and spend the whole day there.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing my wife and son happy.

FUNdación las golondrinas

Fundación Las Golondrinas is a non-profit organization in Medellín that aims to provide both education and work for children and adults in Colombia.

They are working in the most dangerous area of Medellín, the notorious Comuna 8, to help bring an end to gang-related violence. Their project, 'La Ruta de Campeones', is a bike route that aims to change the image of the area, and make it more attractive to the general public. The construction recruitment was carried out specifically to help bring an end of gang-related violence. Many of the people working on the Route come from rival gangs in the area. It is the aim of Fundación Las Golondrinas to help get these people to work together, not only on the Route, but also in life in general.

Other people working on the site come from very poor and troubled backgrounds and often have had disciplinary problems. The project is a way of trying to transform the lives of these people.


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