My experience with depression is that of numbness, a feeling of detachment from oneself and the world. When I experience such episodes, I lose my sense of self and my personality. It is like everything has been stripped away and I am left as a shell.

‘Through The Mire’ depicts the attempt of desperately looking through the ‘fog’ of depression for some ray of hope, to make a connection again.

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Every one of us will be touched by mental illness at some point in our life, either directly or through someone who is close to us. Head Talks believe there is no single path to mental wellbeing and that people can be helped in finding what works for them through information, inspiration and discussion.

By hosting short talks with psychiatrists, academics, yogis, authors, meditation experts, politicians, nutritionists, those who have struggled with and met the challenge of mental illness, and many others with a keen interest in the mind, Head Talks wants to enable each of us to build our own personal toolbox to support mental wellbeing and stay mentally fit.

By bringing these thoughts and discussions into the open, they aim to help lift the stigma that surrounds mental illness.


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