Q: What camera did you use?
A: Emily - Nikon EM Film // Matilda - Canon 550D

Q: Is it digital or analogue?
A: Emily - Analogue // Matilda - Digital

Q: Theme or area of project?
A: We are supporting Dhar, a tiny, remote village in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh where inhabitants hand-weave and spin sheep wool into the finest embroidered fabrics. With the increase of sweatshops and international clothing demand, the people of Dhar are losing their income to the fast production turnaround in the cities, yet Dhar is one of the few villages in India that has avoided this mad rush to the city. Urbanisation has risen dramatically in the past decade. To mitigate the strains that will develop as cities expand; slum growth, pollution, sweatshops and poverty, we want to help preserve these traditional techniques and encourage local, traditional craftsmanship. Our social responsibility is fair pay and improving living conditions for all artisans & farmers involved, especially women empowerment. We want to encourage the rural way of life and the genius of tradition in this village through direct trade and intelligent sustainability, ultimately helping to reduce the transformation of an urban materialized culture.

Q: Country of work?
A: India

Q: If you could photograph one person in the world who would it be?
A: Emily - Bob Marley // Matilda - David Attenborourgh

(Collaboratively - The Kayan People)

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