Interview With Faces In Focus Co-Founder Tara Rowse

Togge did an interview with Faces In Focus co-founder Tara Rowse. Check it out below!

You’re a co-founder of a social enterprise called Faces In Focus, can you tell me a bit about it?

Faces In Focus is a platform for photographers to sell prints in aid of charitable organisations. It was founded by a group of photographers, and friends – Joseph Lebus, Stuart Swift and me – in October 2016 with a launch exhibition at The Tabernacle in Notting Hill, London. At that stage we had 18 photographers on our books, each supporting a different charity. Since then we’ve steadily accepted more recruits. Each photographer acts as an ambassador for their chosen charity/organization, visualising their cause in the form of a photo-essay, published on our website ( and sold at exhibitions/art fairs.

How can photographers get involved in the project?

We are always open to new submissions for our online gallery and upcoming exhibitions. If you’re a keen photographer who has a story to tell and a cause to support, read these guidelines and send us your work!:

Prints are sold in 3 different sizes, at 3 prices, and are all limited edition. Print sale proceeds are split three ways between the photographer; their charity and Faces In Focus. Our photographers span a whole range of concerns: homelessness in London, Hip Hop education in Colombia, ISIS’ destruction in Syria, the migrant crisis – refugees and their hosts, the Rwandan coffee industry, and many more. We feel each story deserves to be brought into focus.

Looking forward, we are about to begin a “Call For Entries” campaign leading up to our next exhibition, which will be orientated around the theme “MIND”. So watch this space, keep your eyes and ears peeled for a chance to be exhibited in our next show and published on our website!

“Social media is also destructive for photography because everyone is a photographer.”

Social media has had a huge impact on industries such as fashion and technology. Do you think it’s influencing photography, and has it changed the way people want to buy art?

People are more engaged than ever with photography. Social media, love it or hate it, is molding the way we see things and view photography as a medium. Take Instagram, for me it’s a double-edged sword. Its brilliant because now everyone is a photographer, with the right filter and hash tags, everyone can get there hit of dopamine to keep them going. Social media is also destructive for photography because everyone is a photographer. I like to take the view that the power of an incredible photograph has not been devalued, it has merely become harder to achieve and more distracting to notice. When you do catch someone’s attention for that solitary moment, then you’ve won!

Instagram definitely has its moments, people are buying art from their mobile phones, artists are able to profile and self-promote from their studio, in many ways, its brilliant! Faces In Focus steps away from snapshot photography, using the ‘series’ to lengthen the time spent with the photographs and words alongside in explanation. Platforms like Faces In Focus and Togge give photographers a time to shine!

What resources are currently available for photographers looking to sell their work?

Faces In Focus of course! Others include Togge, Saatchi Art, Etsy, Artsy, Amazon Art, Affordable Art Fair, or add a shop function to your website!

Lastly, what advice would you give someone looking to start selling their work for the first time?

Get a strong, clean, simple website with a confident personal aesthetic. Always keep a space in the physical world – for me, the internet is not enough – such as a market stall or an art fair. Its so important to promote your work when you’re standing in front of it.

Price wisely – take into consideration how much it cost you to make, how exclusive it is (i.e. in photography, the smaller the edition, the bigger the price!), whether its unframed/mounted/framed… Once you have a number in mind, double it!!! N.B. Always begin by doing ‘Mates Rates’ to get the work out there and into peoples homes!

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