“It is such a natural thing as a human, to step into another existence when you learn about this. And people think it will be scary, but the minute you get used to it and you overcome the fear, it becomes the thing that you love to do. To meet people like that, generally, they are so intelligent and, they’re so kind. These are people we would never meet in a life time, and I feel friendship for them. And yeah, there were very strong barriers with the languages. But you work your way around that. If this much is happening here, there must be micro things happening all over.”

“I do think things take time to get into a consciousness. So you just, you know, you need to hear about it, so it sits around in the back of your head, something like a blog or a leaflet or a poster makes you think ‘oh yeah’ , and then when your kids leave home, or off to uni, to plant a seed. That’s what we do, we plant seeds.”

“Then I was really kicking myself. When we got Rosa and I realised she had been in and out of the streets for 5 years. I just thought 'What! Where was I? Was I not reading the papers or the right articles? Was I not looking at the right thing? How come I didn’t know?' And I felt absolutely ashamed of not doing my job as a citizen to actually just check the information. You know, you feel so complacent.”

Migration lab

I’ve teamed with Migrationlab, an organisation I’m currently working with. Migrationlab co-creates opportunities with and for refugees, migrants and locals to meet, interact and inspire each other in cities across Europe. The name Migrationlab refers to a multilingual open workspace both virtual and physical, that explores migration issues with the direct participation of migrants, refugees and local communities.

"At a time when migration raises many debates and significant public anxiety in Europe, mainly due to negative political discourse and news in mainstream media, intercultural communication has become a key component in merging differences and perspectives and connecting worlds and individuals.” - Migrationlab, 2015

I hope these images will raise awareness and draw attention to some of the work people are doing around us to try and address some of the societal issues surrounding migration and the asylum-seeking process.


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