Here's how you can become a Faces In Focus photographer...

1) Connect with an individual or organisation

2) Create a photo-story that sheds life on the subject or organisation

3) Send the photo-story to Faces In Focus

Through submitting, you will have a positive effect on the subject in the frame by raising awareness, selling prints, and encouraging volunteer work for the charity or organisation.


Submission guidelines

8 photos (max) – JPG / PNG / TIFF

500 word (max) story of the subject (background about the people, places and things in your photographs, the story of your project)

200 words (max) about your chosen charity / organisation (mission, values, type of work they do, etc.) - please include donation link.

100 words (max) about you (name, place of work, credentials, type of camera, etc.), website/portfolio links.

Thank you!