Faces not In Focus!

By complying with the charity’s ethical code, no identities were revealed in the making of this series.

Identity can be played out using objects; personality traits are revealed in the quirks and doodles on a desk, these people and their stories must remain inconspicuous. Identity is privacy; photography is exposure.

This series aims to depict quotidian office life, finding moments of solace and presenting them in a way that recovers their uniqueness, delicately rendering the human condition among intimate strangers.

Using a medium format Rolleiflex camera with a fixed lens, I am forced to get close to each subject. The exposure of the camera and myself diffuses any feeling of grabbing snapshot photography. The slow pace of shooting in analogue, and the even slower pace of a 1-second shutter speed allows time to compose and let the light in, honouring these moments with time and stillness in a world perpetually moving.

working chance

Working Chance helps women with convictions and young women care leavers to find quality and sustainable work, since holding down a good job helps reduce re-offending rates and prevents at-risk young women from coming into contact with the criminal justice system. The charity enables women coming out of prison, the criminal justice system and care, to become financially independent through paid employment. With a re-offending rate of less than 1% in the workplace, I wanted to focus on the epicentre and the hub in which this is made a reality: the Working Chance recruitment office.


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