My photographs were set on Barcelona beach. The sea has a strong significance to this place, its vast openness a living contradiction to the ever tightening borders. In the water you are free, you belong to no one, but on land you either belong, or you don't belong. These photographs are of Udy a Nigerian athlete who entered Barcelona 10 years ago and once, like most of us, also an immigrant to this city. Through a determination with no limits he was able to find his place here and now trains to be a sprinter. Everyone deserves a chance to show what they are capable of and to create a life that they can feel proud of. Like the manteros, as humans we need to fight for a world that allows us to achieve much more than just our survival.

We need to fight for a world that allows us to reach our human potential.

El sindicato de los manteros

(Trade Union of Street Vendors)

The manteros fight for their right to work, to a life that feels dignified and that they can feel proud of.


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